Best China Tours Top 10, Best Feedback & Most Recommended Trips

Best China Tours Top 10, Best Feedback & Most Recommended Trips

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Our elaborately designed packages to the best of China in Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai and other popular destinations will bring you an exciting holiday. China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran & Turkey - This amazing trip offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to those with sufficient time to travel the entirety of one of the major branches of the Silk Road, all the way across Asia from Beijing in Eastern China to Istanbul in Western Turkey, covering a distance of some 12,000km and six contrasting countries.

china tour packageThough no match for the long history of Beijing and Xian, yet Shanghai has a unique story to tell: starting from a fishing village opened up 1842, Asia's leading city in the 1920s and 1930s dubbed as "Paris of the East", and today Shanghai has become one of the world's largest metropolitan cities, which best shows where china tours 2020 (their website) is headed in the 21th century as well as a museum of East meeting West on Chinese soil.

This is the essential China tour, introducing the key sights, including the Mu Tian Yu section of the great wall, which takes you away for the main crowds and gives you fantastic opportunities to explore and take photos; the modern metropolis of Shanghai; the historic Beijing, home to some of the most stunning architectural wonders in the world including the Imperial residences and the iconic Great Wall and Xi'an, the site of one of the world's most important archeological treasures: the army of 2,200-year-old famous Terracotta Warriors with life-size soldiers, chariots and horses buried to protect the tomb of the first Qin emperor.

As one of Australia's leading specialist tour operators to China and a host of other amazing destinations across Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and more, we offer an extensive array of high quality itineraries and packages that are exceptional value and introduce you to unique experiences of rich culture, grand historic sights and friendly people.

You only need to follow the trail of the great wall, then to deviate into one of China's romantic bamboo forests, climb atop one of its prodigious mountain tops, sail down an eerie, misty river gorge, get lost in the mind-boggling Stone forest or simply traverse the picturesque rice terraces to realize the aesthetic offerings right in front of you on your China tours.

Brief description: Our elaborately designed packages to the best of china tours 2020 (